Reception Daily Homework 8th March 2021 - 12th March 2021



This week we are continuing our recap of Phase 3. Our focus phonemes are: 'ear' and 'ch'. These are digraphs; two letters making one sound. The tricky words this week are 'me' and 'are'. You can practice writing these tricky words using the look, cover, write, check method. Also, can you find them in any of your favourite stories.


A phonics activity will also be set for you on Purple Mash so please check for your weekly task. 


Thank you to everyone who records the reading on Tapestry - we absolutely love reading all your comments.  






This week we are exploring number through games. To support at home you could draw your own hopscotch using chalk, play number snap by making your own snap cards, play dominos or play a scoring game and keep score adding one more each time.


Also, continue to work through Numbots to improve your number skills.