Train to Teach With Us

Train to Teacher with Spiral Partnership Trust

Spiral Partnership Trust works with Forest Independent Primary Collegiate (FIPC) to provide specialist training for primary teachers.  The one-year post-graduate training leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and provides an excellent preparation for life in the classroom.  The School Direct training route provides trainees with a balance of training and work experience which includes:


  • 'on the job' school experience
  • formal training
  • coaching & mentoring
  • academic study


Trainees are based in one of our local 'home' schools.


Teamwork is an important element of this training, trainees will join their 'home' school team and work as part of a team of Spiral trainees.  This is a challenging programme but our experience shows that it is without doubt the best way to prepare for real-life in the classroom. 


From day one trainees will be part of the school team  in their ‘home’ school, working with excellent teachers who will support and develop their skills and knowledge as they progress to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  At the end of the training year, we aim for all of our trainees to stay with us and join our schools as Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs), well prepared for life in the classroom and looking forward to successful careers as primary teachers.


We are always looking for candidates who have a true vocation to be a teacher, who naturally enjoy working with children, are fascinated by how children learn and have the resilience and determination to deal with the challenges the job brings whilst appreciating the inspiring reward that making a difference to a child's life can bring. 


For further information, visit the Spiral Partnership Trust website.