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Starting the Conversation


Sometimes it is hard to approach the subject of your child's online life with them and is almost a taboo in some households.  The NSPCC has a range of very useful resources for families and children.  A good one to start with is “Online life and offline life is just life” which is short but gives a starting point for conversations at an age-appropriate level.  Remember to put in all of the relevant age restrictions on any new devices!


Reporting Online racial abuse


Digital technology plays a huge role in helping children learn, play and stay connected with friends and family. reports

‘Following the Euro 2020 Final on Sunday 11th July, the internet saw a huge range of support and celebration for the players who worked extremely hard to reach a major tournament final. However, unfortunately, there were also a lot of negative and hate filled messages shared online and offline directed towards Black players.’


This week children have been support with discussions following Summer Online Safety Assembly and how we live out school values of Care, Respect and Self-Control when using the internet.

Find further advice on reporting online racist abuse on the link below.

Reporting Racism Online - Childnet 

Digital wellbeing - 5 A Day                           

Digital technology plays a huge role in helping children learn, play and stay connected with friends and family. The Digital 5 a day framework from the Children’s Commissioner is useful to help children get the most from their time online and balance digital wellbeing with overall wellbeing.  Advice and links to the website can found here can be found here 


How To Keep Kids Safe On Social Media advice from NSPCC and O2.

Is your child on social media? We understand that it can be difficult to know how you can keep them safe. That's why in this video from O2 and NSPCC share 7 simple steps to keep children safe on social medial.

3 tips to start online safety | O2 & NSPCC

Have you spoken to your child about their online safety? The NSPCC and O2 give you three tips to start talking about online safety. For more help and tips go...

8 Top tips to keep children safe online

Online Safety News from Herts for Learning

We regularly review how we are delivering Online Safety lessons for children and supporting families in our community with Online Safety advice. Please find attached the summer Parent Advice and Guidance from Herts for Learning.

Online Safety News

Online Safety Posters 

Safeguarding both adults and children is about preventing the risk of harm from abuse or exploitation or having the ability to reduce it by raising awareness and supporting people in making informed decisions.

Please find below posters from the Police Digital Security Centre.

Social Media Posters