Reception Homework - week beginning 12th July 2021



This week we will be continuing to learn about adjacent consonants in Phase 4. This week we will be learning about the consonants 'fl' and 'st'. We still need to continue practising phase 3 to ensure we are secure on each phoneme as well as all of our tricky words. Please complete the word quiz on Purple Mash. 


Please read each day for 10 minutes and write what you have read on Tapestry. The children enjoy seeing the comments you have written as we look at them each week as a class.




This week we are exploring word problems using all of our numbers skills that we have learnt throughout the year.  Complete the 2D shape quiz on Purple Mash. How many 2D shapes can you name?

Challenge: Look for 2D shapes around your house or when you are out on a walk. What are their properties?