Key School Development Priorities

The key priorities within our School Development Plan are:


To continue in our journey of strengthening leadership at all levels throughout the school.

Developing robust leadership at all levels

Clarity in our policies and procedures

Strengthening our Local School Committee to ensure school leaders are held to account


To put in place measures to ensure staff workload is manageable and is used to maximum impact in our curriculum teaching.

Reduce administrative tasks to allow time for creative planning of lessons

Share skills and knowledge to develop overall teacher knowledge


To develop and embed our new curriculum, instilling our school and learning values into everything that we do.

Communicate our vision and values to all members of the school community

Implement our new curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils

Evaluate the impact of our new curriculum and change it where we need to

Structured teaching in British Values, SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) and citizenship; developing pupils’ cultural capital


To focus on raising attainment and progress in all subject areas and to extend all of our pupils to achieve the best they can, regardless of background or need.

Building on our strengths and addressing areas of weakness to constantly strengthen our teaching and learning

Identifying our more vulnerable pupils, providing a supportive community and learning environment

Supporting families developing the skills to promote and maximise the impact of home learning


To maintain high expectations of positive behaviours so that all members of our school community feel safe and secure.

Integrate our values of care, respect and self-control into all aspects of school life

Teach our pupils positive learning behaviours so that they take ownership of their learning journey and advantage of every opportunity


A copy of the full School Development Plan is available by contacting the school office.