Springmead Big Read

To show how much we still love reading, our Springmead Big Read today was a celebration of all things reading!  We came in our pyjamas and read to ourselves, read to each other, talked about our favourite books and teachers even swapped classes to read!  It has been a wonderful and reading-filled day, topped off by our "potato as a book character" competition.  Here are some of the amazing entries.  Congratulations to the winners (below) in each category and thank you to everyone who took part and donated.  £325 raised for our PTA!



1st: Evie B (Pine)

2nd: Aria R (Maple)

3rd: Evie C (Maple)


Year 1/2:

1st: Scarlett B (Chestnut)

2nd: Elliott C (Rowan)

3rd: Jake B (Rowan)


Year 3/4:

1st: Abbie S (Elder)

2nd: Lyla (Willow)

3rd:  Harry O'C (Hazel)


Year 5/6:

1st: Molly S (Ash)

2nd: Burt (Juniper)

3rd: Cooper (Hawthorn)